Shaking Sh*t Up|Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

After pushing through doing Webcam sessions on my own after learning from Teri Hofford's Shake Shit Up with Webcam's class, I was excited to hear that she planned a LIVE shoot for all of us to get some more practice at the Webcam shoots. Teri is a boudoir photographer who specializes in ALLbodies. The class I took in Dallas was actually taught by her.  While her model fell through on the day of the shoot, Teri decided to jump in and model for us! She did a amazingly for being a photographer more than a model.

This works pretty easy I found out for Webcam shoots! The only differences were I had no control over where she moved to or how she posed. She was basically doing all that herself. She moved the phone around her room to get the best locations for our group.

All I had to do was screenshot during the video. You know anticipate when you are going to want a specific look or image! Oh my poor hand...

If you want to see more in this series, Layne's, Nicci's, and Diana's shoots.

If you are interested in a Webcam shoot or an in Studio shoot, contact me and let's get the conversation started!

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