Water Boudoir Minis 2020 | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Water Boudoir Minis are back for 2020!

Can you believe it? The mini that you loved last year is back again! And more dates are being offered. Due to Covid and things, the May and June dates weren't able to happen. But there are dates for July and August!

Dates and booking info is at the bottom of this post! Roll down if you are ready for that. Or keep on reading to learn a little more about the Water Boudoir Minis.

Before we get to the dates, let's remember what these sessions are. We are going to a public area but in a more private area to shoot. So when picking outfits, choose things that you are comfortable in and that you don't mind people seeing you in.



Outfit ideas:

Bodysuits- lacey, solid, etc.

Swimsuits- YES, really! There are so many different types that look amazing. Grab a bikini or a one piece that has awesome cutouts. There are a ton of different styles. My new swimsuit I bought off Amazon and I LOVE IT!!! It is probably my most favorite ever! I'll link it here.

Kimonos - All kinds, you can throw them over your bodysuit or swimsuit or lingerie.

Babydolls/Nighties- YES, bring them! Wetting down a bodysuit actually with accentuate your curves.

Bra and undies - Padded, not, etc.

Dresses - Ones you don't mind getting wet.

And anything else you can think of.



Water sessions are the perfect way to come and meet me. They give you a taste of what a boudoir experience is like only in the outdoors and you get to play in water. Water is also the best feeling in the world when it is warm outside. And it gets to slide around your body and make you feel even more confident. (Did you know my first boudoir experience was a milk bath shoot? It's over on my other photography website! Part 1 and Part 2 )

Don't be worried! You can do this and it will be amazing!!!

Okay, the deets:

July 19.  (Back up date: July 20)

August 10 (Back up date: August 11)

Spots are $90
Non-refundable deposit of $45 to book and hold your spot. The rest ($45) is due the day of the session.

There are 5 spots available each day. Must arrive 15-20 mins before your appointed time. Times will be in the afternoon 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00.  Location will be sent via email after the deposit is paid.

One outfit, 30 minute sessions, 5 digital images. Each client will receive an in-person photo reveal one week after the water session to pick their 5 images and an opportunity to buy more images.

If you want to book two spot and have an outfit change, buy two spots at $145 and save $45!

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