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On the middle of the third week, I found a life line that I didn't realize I was looking for. My friend Teri Hofford over at Teri Hofford Photography (who is amazing! Go check her out here.) Teri announced that she was doing WEBCAM sessions. I was like Webcam Sessions? What?
After seeing several sets, I purchased the guide and WOW! What an amazing creative rush! Of course, I called on a few people and answered some calls for a photographer for Webcam shoots in my educational groups. My first two were two amazing ladies. One was a photographer in Indiana. The next a lady from the Joplin, Mo area.  Then I just went crazy from there.  I have been doing some one on one shoots and at the same time, some of my educational groups have been fantastic about everything. They even have jumped on and done some LIVE Shoots!  and watching some live shoots in my education groups! My hand is sore from screen-shooting! So many images and so many amazing spaces!
Here are some peeks at the work that has been created! I will try to do some individualize blog posts. Trying to get in the habit now, before I get back to normal... of forgetting.
How does this work? 
If you have iPhone, we use FaceTime
If your Android, we can use Zoom.
You take me (your phone) on a tour of your space so I can see the lighting and then we figure out where I'd love to have the phone facing. Then it's a matter of trying to get the phone to stay there. I have had sessions where clients are taping their phone to the light or using hair ties. A coffee cup works well since we are really only using the back camera instead of the forward facing one.
Once the phone is in place, then I am able to instruct you on how to pose, just like in a normal session. I go through a variety of poses and locations, if you have more than one spot. But if all you have is an empty wall, we can work with that too!
In the educational groups, it actually a live video of a model/photographer posing as all of us photographers watch and screenshot throughout. (Can you guess how many screenshots I've taken in the last week?)
What are the quality of the images?
The images are low resolution. So they can only get so big. But they would be a perfect photo to send to your significant other across the room or even to keep as a memory of this crazy time. To take the actual image,  I am either screenshooting the images from my phone or from my computer. Either way the resolution can be an issue. Since the images are actual screenshots, I am editing the images on my phone. There are a bunch of neat apps that help with editing images and can even give you a retro flair.
The quality of images also depends on your phone signal/internet connection. If you live somewhere that doesn't have good wifi, this might not be the best choice for you. Or if you phone is really old.  Sadly you might want to wait until we can shoot together again.
This sounds like fun! I want in. Tell me the details!
Webcam sessions are currently $25 for a 30-40 min session. 5-10 low resolution images. We coordinate schedules/time zones, etc. If you're partner wants to do a session, no extra charge.  Buy one for yourself and one for your friend and you will actually save. $45 if you buy two Webcam sessions!
I don't live in Springfield, Mo. Is that a problem?
You don't have to live in the Ozarks area to jump in on this offer! I was just doing a shoot with a guy from Ireland! And another gal from Canada and Alabama! It is such an amazing way to connect with ladies and see some of your spaces!

If you are interested in a Webcam shoot or have more questions, email me at or click here. 

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