Connecting Through Trial and Error| Springfield Mo Boudoir Photographer

The very first webcam shoot I did was with Miss Layne. I was nervous and I wasn't exactly sure how everything would go, but I knew I was ready to try.

The first issue we had was her phone would not let her talk to me. No matter how many times we came in and out of the Zoom app, she couldn't get unmuted. So we actually connected via her laptop as well as her phone.

We were able to talk at each other on the laptop while the phone was held by her family member where I was able to capture the images.

As you can tell from the images, we had an interesting connection as well. Some of the images I ended up taking with her laptop as my main screen instead of her phone. It was really neat to have the variety and to have a creative push to come up with posing on the spot and where to sit, etc. It was a challenging process but a pure blast!

Her mom had this awesome yellow chair in front of a black and white wall that made my heart happy. And the lighting! WOW!!!

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