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I'm Paula


As a woman, I feel it is hard, at times, to really believe that I am a sexy, confident, badass woman. I have good and bad days throughout my life. Days where I felt that I was beautiful and days where I questioned every comment made in my direction. In high school, I was your a-typical "bigger" gal compared to all of my other friends and family. I remember one incident in particular where a crush said, "I never noticed before but you are big boned."
.... uh... yeah, it still stops me in my tracks.
It took me years to realize that "big boned" was just my body and I needed to accept that. I still have days where I can't step in front of a camera but I do. Those days will come, but there will also be other days. You know the ones where you feel like a goddess who is in love with herself. I live for those days!
When I found boudoir, my self-confidence was pretty low and I really just wanted to feel beautiful. It made me feel like I was truly finding me. Boudoir was like coming back alive after years of hearing everything everyone wants you to be and finding yourself. I finally believed that I could love myself and if not love myself yet, accepted the amazingness of this body.
Boudoir is more than sexy images to me. It is about being confident in your own skin and being in love with yourself. Yes, boudoir pictures are often for someone else, but most times it turns into more of a gift for you, just like it did with me. A gift of confidence and a beginning of a journey.
So when you are ready, I'm here in Springfield, Missouri waiting for you.


Want to know more?

5 things I love

1.   I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. (I just watched Season 1 through 10 in 2017. In 2018, I totally caught up! Now have to re-watch!)
2.   I love camping. The real camping where you go somewhere with bathrooms and stay in a tent.
3.  I’d rather stay in with an amazing book and my hubby instead of going out on Friday night. 
4.  If I could do anything in the world, I would travel and photograph the world while writing romance novels!
5.   There are days that I just need to be outside. 
and because I love you already.
6.   I love changing my hair color. Who knows what you’ll see me in next!

5 Things I hate

  1. Fake people and complainers. The negativity drags me down.
  2. Wasting daylight or time off by doing nothing. I need to complete something.
  3. Clutter. (Even though, most days my house is a mess.)
  4. Cleaning a bathroom! Ugh, it is the worst! I would even do laundry more!
  5. (And I will fill this out later, cause I just feel super negative now… lol)

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