Making New Friends| Springfield, Mo Boudoir Photographer

The second Webcam shoot I did was a boudoir photographer in Indiana who announced that she was willing to model for a Webcam session.

Needless to say, after the first one with Layne, I was a little more nervous because of the audio issues we had. However with Nicci, we had none! It was so awesome. She was actually stuck at home where her studio was located! So she took me around to multiple locations all over her house/studio that were so amazing!

My heart wished so hard that I was able to wonder all around it with my real camera and myself, but I had to work with the skills of Miss Nicci. She had already figured out to stick the phone on a cart in her studio!

It was hard to decide which images to edit and what to ignore... It is definitely harder to decide on a cellphone vs a large computer screen.

And then the editing. Throughout these images, you will see several different types of editing. I hadn't figured out my flow for doing editing of Webcam session photos. I didn't have a clue what felt like me. In this session, I tried a more retro vibe, which I loved... but didn't. So the rest I waited to edit until I had figure out what I really loved!


If you are interested in a Webcam session or in studio session, feel free to message me.

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