Studio Dreams |Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

As most of you know, we moved into the town of Springfield, Missouri back at the beginning of March. The best part of the new house besides the location for clients was the basement. Why? Because the main parts of the basement are going to become the new studio location for Boudoir by Paula.

Ever since finding out where we were moving to, I have been trying to figure out a vision of what I want my studio to look like. It is hard. When all I see right now, is the beige carpet, the wainscoting and nothingness. It is better with the bed put together.

But to envision the hardwood floors, the walls painted another color other than beige-white, I will admit is super hard right now. My hubby can't help with this. He looks at me and says whatever you are thinking will be good. But it's hard. I'm indecisive and I want you guys to love the space as much as I already do.

I took off the wainscoting already. It looks so much different with just that little change so I can't wait for the finish product whatever that may be. If you want to be up-to-date on the studio changes, follow me on Instagram @boudoirbypaula I promise I will do better about the stories on it!

I don't think I will have all the furniture I am dreaming of by the time I'm ready to do shoots again. But I'm ready to dream of the sets to come with the space I have!

While the studio is slowly coming together, I just wanted to drop some looks that I had fallen in love with.

I have seen so many ideas that I have fallen in love with. Especially with all of the Webcam/Virtual shoots I have been doing lately! The hardest part is the no natural light so that will be fun. But you know what, I know I will create some even more amazing images in this space.  Are you ready?

Will the studio look like this? probably not due to the fact that these 8 different images I pulled off of Pinterest... and I don't want to look exactly like these! I want my own style and my own studio.

Will there be more than one look?  YES! I am working to design at least three different looks right now. I will see what else I can come up with as time goes on.

What looks would you like to see at the studio? More glam than boho look?

A bathtub? A sofa? A fainting couch?

Let me know! I'd love your input too!

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