Toni | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

These LIVE shoots were a gift! Like I can't express how happy they make me. The other day(cause who really knows what day it is), I stumbled across LIVE shoot that just made me the happiest! It was Toni who had been a speaker at my workshop in DALLAS!!!!

I loved photographing her in person but seeing her on the LIVE shoot I was like YES!!! Her happy smile mixed with the amazing light coming through her bedroom window was definitely what dreams are made of.

Her yellow blanket and her plants. Gorgeous!!! Then she also hair tied her phone to the fan so we could get above her shots! How amazing a time I live in right now. All because someone named Teri Hofford created something called Shake Shit up with Webcams.

I am so blessed to see this lady's face again and so I know you are going to be too! I dare you to not smile.

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