Finding time during the Stay-at-Home Order| Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

One of my favorite parts about Webcam shoots has been the ability to meet new people and see old friends. It really has been just about the connection for me. Yes, I like the being at home. I like the relaxing, but I miss the connections that photography brings me. It's Spring. It's the time that I want to be out and photographing new people and see all the pretty trees and enjoy my favorite weather!

Miss D was nice of enough to let me do a Webcam shoot with her. We hadn't been able to connect in person for a boudoir shoot so I contacted her as soon as I knew this might be away to have a little fun. It was so nice to chat and see her apartment. All the images were taken in one corner of her bedroom and Wow! Did we make it work!

The Webcam sessions were becoming a bit more comfortable to me. There were no audio issues or connection issues, etc.

I was falling in love with the imperfection of the shoots. The random animals and family members hat wondered in. They were making my creative heart happy. The retro vibe was starting to disappear from my editing style for this type of photography. I was loving the turn that my editing was taking!

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If you are interested in a Webcam shoot or a in studio shoot, contact me and get the conversation started!

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