Bedroom Dreams|Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Webcam sessions have been so much fun. Not only I am I meeting far away friends again but I am able to connect with other boudoir photographers just like Jackie. It was like talking with an old friend who I hadn't seen in forever!

When it was time for the shoot, she took me around her area to see where I could photograph her at. She had this gorgeous bed setup in her house! Between the turquoise sofa and the moon photograph or painting, it was like I had picked out my dream shooting area. The colors were great! And it was my first FaceTime shoot!

I own an android and for most of my Webcam sessions, I have been using my own Mac computer for it. So I can either use Zoom or I can use FaceTime! ... I have to admit, I think FaceTime might have the better camera in it.  These images came out great!

During Jackie's shoot, I started to feel more comfortable about how to have her pose and move when I wasn't there to demonstrate it. And apparently they can't see my "showing" them when they are away from the phone. Oh well, all of my clients just keep missing my funny faces.

Webcam sessions are the best and there are so many reasons why to love them. But that post is for another day. Here is a look at Jackie's images.

If you are interested in a Webcam shoot or a in Studio shoot, contact me and let's get the conversation started!

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