The Beauty of Water Boudoir | Springfield Boudoir Photographer

2018 was about pushing my limits and trying new things like water photography. I was working on everything that would make me a better photographer, a better boudoir photographer. No, a better women’s photographer.
As a woman, who is still learning to be comfortable in her own skin, I am always looking for ways to help pose my clients in a way that shows off them at their best. While most of us can be insecure about the bathing suit aspect, etc., the water is a place that doesn’t judge us. Water is actually one of those places where I feel beautiful. Maybe not always out of the water, but I’m learning.
So I did some research on Pinterest and messaged my model friend Madison. She is amazing and I knew that if I gave her the challenge she would love it as well. So we made a date and a plan.
The first spot, the perfect spot was dry. Like no water at the river at all! Stupid dry season last year. Anyways, we went to my backup spot and then made magic.   While it was super awesome shoot! There were a few problems that I didn’t even think about. Both her and I had to get into the water to get the shots I wanted. So the camera was really close to the water. Really nervous about. Then plus I didn’t even think about having both of us wear water shoes! There were no pictures of her feet taken and it would have helped with the walking in the water. She did amazing for being at a river and no water shoes!
My plan is to do Water Minis this summer. But first I have to find another water spot around the Springfield area that would work for it. If you are interested, make sure you are signed up for our Newsletter. Otherwise you might miss out!

Model: Madison Kennon
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Location: A river in Southern Missouri
(Don’t ask, not telling! 🙂

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