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My journey for photos has not always been an easy one. And that is honestly the reason why I want to be a full-time boudoir photographer. I have had the experiences where I hated my body in photos. Where I was just "blah" about my photos and where I went "Hot damn! That's me!"

Every photograph has a spot in this journey. Every experience makes the experience better for you and for me. Each time makes me remember why I want to get you in front of my camera. I want you to feel the experience. I want you to walk away from the images going "Hot damn! That's me!!!"

About TWO years ago, I wrote about a boudoir photo experience at a workshop I was attending at the time. You can read about it here. It wasn't my only experience with boudoir photos but you can go read about it Part 1 and Part 2. The posts are on my other photography website -- Peaces Photography (where I post things that aren't boudoir.)

The first images are by a friend of mine, Jenna. She was from Minnesota and was so unique and amazing! I couldn't wait to see where she was going with her shooting. Sadly, she passed away in January 2019 only a few months after our workshop together. I still miss talking to her about life and boudoir. But I am so glad she was able to send these images to me. It is honestly a good memory.

These images came from my new friend Catherine from Dallas, TX. We actually held the workshop in her studio, which I might have fallen in love with brick and a dark grey wall. She was the awesomeness and her photos are amazing. Catherine was actually the person I said let's do this!  If you go over to the link where I talk about my stress, you will see my images of Catherine. She decorated this website for a long time! I need to take a road trip and go see her!

The images shocked the crap out of me when I saw them. I had to do a double take to see me, but I love them so much.  Get images for yourself so you can see how amazing you truly are.

Last thing to note, don't wait until you are the "perfect" size. Be happy with yourself at this moment and capture this moment. I see things about all of these photos I would change about myself. But you know what, damn, I look good and I rocked out that shoot! You can see my confidence coming through!

And what a memory I gained from those moments.

Just think, I could have said 'No, I'm not happy with my body right now.'

Say yes, and contact me and let's get your session set up!

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