Chelsea | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

As you can probably tell, these LIVE virtual shoots took off in my boudoir educational groups! They have had so many amazing LIVE shoots and I'm so thankful for there amazingness, because through them I was introduced to Chelsea (@chelseathepale)

Chelsea is a model from Canada who is out of work right now, sadly. For her LIVE, sadly I only caught a bit of a replay and the rest of the video was pulled down due to Facebook! She was doing a shower scene. So not as racey as you or Facebook are/were thinking. She had clothes on. I was bummed I missed it because I have actually never photographed anyone in a shower to this point.  Luckily, I got Jennifer from Sheer Photography on a LIVE a few days later that had some of the amazing shower glory...

For those who have an amazing shower, message me! I bet there is a discount available for you! Don't forget to tell me you have an amazing shower/bathtub!

Anyways, here is some of the amazing images I did capture from her session!




Chelsea did that modeling for one of my educational groups and then said "This is fun! Let's do it some more!" She actually created an awesome group for boudoir photographers to enjoy different flow poses. Not all of them boudoir related some just fun and creative. I have tried to jump onto a few. I will have to do another blog for all of the different LIVEs I have caught since cause the metallic Boho is so different!!!

She is doing it for coffee right now. Click here if you want to support her amazingness. I think she is planning to do these even after the stay-at-home order is done!

Here are a few shots from the after dark LIVE I caught on her page. She is so unique and fun!

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