Practicing Emotions | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Practicing Emotions in real life instead of on a virtual session is definitely a little strange. Especially when you haven't touched a camera for almost 2 months or more.

In 2020, I started a course called Stripped Down to learn about emotions and to enhance my photography. I didn't realize that I would be furloughed and allowed to work extensively on the basement and this course the week this course started.

In the course we practice on each other and well, virtual sessions can be difficult. So I started to get nervous that when I was in front of someone with a camera I would go blank. That's when as soon as the Stay-at-Home Order lifted, I knew I needed to contact someone. I scheduled one but our wires got crossed so I kept at it, knowing I needed to do something.

That next one I got scheduled was so amazing and so perfect and so yeah... that I literally felt like ... I got this.

Here is a glimpse into the first real photography session during this course.

It was definitely a blast to see what I have been learning come out in my photography. And you know what, the real camera in my hand didn't make me nervous or scared. I felt alive and excited for the future. It made me feel ready to face the next challenges in this course and in this business. It makes my heart happy to create beautiful images that are you.

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