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There is always a beginning. A beginning where hope is high and dreams are huge. But once you are finished dreaming of all of the things, you either buckle down and keep pushing or you give up.  One is easier than the other. One takes a lot more than dreams and hopes. It takes blood, sweat and tears -a lot of all of those. And this story is very much like that.

I have done photography for years. I have wanted to be a full-time photographer for almost as long as I can remember, besides an author (more about that later). Each year, I have pushed myself. I have pushed myself. Maybe not as hard as I could have, but I have learned and photographed everything. About 6 years ago or so I took a leap and started saying to people, "Yes, I am a photographer." And oh the rush of utter terror and happiness that would come as soon as those words left my mouth.

But my heart wasn't fully comfortable yet. I pushed on and realized that I was in love with boudoir photography. No, scratch that, I was in love with making women fall in love with themselves again or for the first time. It wasn't just about the "sexy photos" It was about seeing yourself as beautiful. I loved that rush and love. I loved it and craved it for my clients more and more.

That's when I knew it. I wanted to be a boudoir photographer only. I wanted to be a woman's photographer. I wanted that so bad. So out of my dream called Peaces Photography, I created Boudoir by Paula. Simple and straight to the point.

Welcome to my little slice of the internet and feel free to poke around, send me a message or just enjoying reading up on all that is me. This blog is where I will be mainly posting the beautiful, gorgeous women that give me to the permission to share their beautifulness to the world!

You will also see my own personal boudoir pictures, my cats -- Squirrel & Houdini -- & Yahtzee, my dog, and a little bits of my world.




Growth is always good. So here is an updated one... to remind myself I am growing every time I take an image with my camera...  Someday I'll do a growth post of the beginnings to now, but for now I'm going to bask in that growth right there. 

Growth is good. 

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