I’m tired of “Not Enough” | Springfield Boudoir Photographer

I’m tired of “not enough.”

For the last who knows how many days (mainly cause I got off track and behind and well… yeah…) I have been doing a Body Positive post a day in my Facebook group Paula’s Boudoir Babes.

It came out of seeing all of the posts around January 1. I was tired. I was tired seeing every post on social media about “I’m fat.” “I’m going on a diet to be prettier” “Jan 1, time to lose the weight” “Time to gain the muscle” It was seriously never ending and wrote in all the different ways.  And from friends to businesses. UGH!

Wait a second, no, I am not discouraging dieting, eating healthy, or exercising if that is something you want to do.

What I am simply saying is instead of being against this amazing body of yours is actually learning to love all of the parts of you. Yes, from those stretch marks from childbirth or from losing and gaining weight. Even those wrinkles you just noticed and that silver hair that is starting to show up.

There is so much amazingness about our bodies that we have a tendency to miss them. Between all of the ads about being “tiny” or “need to have curves” to “stay young forever” or “stay at home mom” or “working woman”  — we (including me) have a tendency to only see the negative things when we look in the mirror we question so many things. I am so sick of it.

I’m sick of saying negative things toward my body and you toward yours. I want us to start thinking about all of the amazing things our bodies have done for us. Like that awesome vacation we had, the amazing date, those kids sitting next to you, or even that amazing guy or gal sitting next to you. Those people and things in your life have added to you. They have made you you. So now is the time to start remembering why you are amazing. Forget clothing size, no one seriously knows what your “size” isunless you tell them.Look amazing in what you want to wear and say screw it if you don’t like it.

Be you and be proud of it. Be proud of your curves or your no curves. Be proud of your height or your weight. Be happy with where you are in life. Meet your body in the middle and you might be surprised at what your body shows you.

Enough of my rant for now. Just think if you were in my Facebook group already, you could get this daily! Hahaha! I will posting for a least a few more weeks as daily as possible!

In the end, I want you to accept your body and eventually learn to love it.

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