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When I first thought about throwing a Boudie Call, I knew the first one had to be a Short Hair Call, Women forget that they don't have to be ___________ to do a boudoir shoot. There are no requirements if you want to do one. You could wake up one morning and go 'Damn! I look hot. I need to do a boudoir shoot!'
Ms. T was one of my amazing ladies who sent in a application (no worries it isn't hard.) From the moment, I read what she wrote... I was like "Wow! She gets it!"
"Hey girl!  I've always loved the boudoir photos you share, but never put serious thought into having any done, mainly because I don't have the long, flowing hair that I see in most pictures.   But I love my hair!  And all my squish!  I know my look is perceived as masculine, but I would love the chance to see a softer, girlier side in a boudoir setting.  I would love to see what magic you could work with a mohawk!"  ~Ms T
Gut check. Like seriously? She read my mind.
But enough from me.... Here is a little from her about her shoot.

"To be honest, I had been wanting to have some sexy pictures taken for a long time.  But I kept making excuses not to.  "No one special in my life to share the photos with."  "I don't look like a Victoria's Secret model."  "My hair isn't long enough."  "Too expensive."  Trust me, I thought of all the reasons not to do it.  So when Paula posted a "model call" for women with short hair, I went for it!

My only regret....not doing it sooner!  I'll admit, the  couple weeks leading up to my appointment, I over-stressed about what I was going to wear.  How much, how little...  Paula was always available to answer my questions, and give suggestions, but ultimately,  it ended up boiling down to what I was most comfortable with.
On the day of my session, I met Paula at her house/studio.  We started by getting the paperwork out of the way, then the real fun began!  I laid out my "outfits" and various accessories.  After looking everything over, we decided on a starting point, and what clothing options would look best in which rooms.
I don't remember exactly how long I was there, but I remember wishing we could take more photos!  Not because I didn't like what she had taken, but because I was having so much fun!  A couple weeks later, when it was time to see my photos....I cried.  I was in such awe of her talent, and the fact that she was able to capture such gorgeous images, I cried.
So my advice, if you're still on the fence...stop making excuses and make and appointment with Paula!  She will make you feel enchanted and empowered!"
~Ms T
Wondering how a Boudie call works?
When Boudoir by Paula does a Boudie call, all you have to do is have the requirements. Like for this one, it was needing to be willing to sign a MODEL RELEASE form, hair cut above the shoulders, and session  at my studio location in Springfield.  Then if you feel that you fit the requirements, most Boudie calls require an email with an image and why you are interested.
Beyond the main requirements, everyone is welcome to submit their information and participate.
Sadly this model call has already been filled but there will be more. Most calls go out either on Facebook or Instagram or both. So go sign up for notifications so you can catch the Boudie calls!

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