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self portrait boudoir beautiful reflection
If you were watching the LIVE in Paula’s Boudoir Babes, you probably saw the pre-workshop/shoot day for me. Let me recap for you!

I was nervous.
I was scared.
I was second guessing all the things.

There was no hair and makeup. There was just me. I did my makeup like I usually do for work and took a deep breath and said “This is me.” (cue the Greatest Showman song- This is ME!)  I packed all my hopeful outfits and went to the workshop.


The first part was couples and I watched as they were nervous in a room with NINE people photographing them at one point. It was pretty intimate at points and well, I could understand.
Did this help my prep for my boudoir shoot?

Hell, no! More nervous here.

After the couples and lunch (ugh, bloated now), they said the rest of the afternoon would be a “free-for-all” all of attendees photographing each other.

NO ONE moved! I think after about 10 minutes one person moved. Then I started talking with another attendee and said lets do this. I change and you change. Then let’s tackle this!

self portrait boudoir beautiful reflection

Getting changed, I freaked out about body hair, my makeup, my outfit, my glasses, sweat and other bodily fluids. Seriously I had to talk myself out of the bathroom. I ended up putting on a velvet bodysuit I bought from Target! Not as see-through as my first choice, but still super cute! (Going to have to do my first choice another time!)

Walking out and starting to be photograph while SEVEN other people were just hanging around was super unnerving. It was not what I strive for my clients, but definitely what I needed to do to learn to pose better and to be a better photographer to you! And DAMN, my back and shoulders hurt after all of that!

Now I wait for images…

But for now, here are some self portraits I took of myself at my awesome hotel and some portraits of my new friends!

self portrait boudoir beautiful reflection

self portrait boudoir beautiful reflection black woman yellow chair pink crop top self portrait boudoir beautiful reflection gray wall pink crop shirtself portrait boudoir beautiful reflection passion pink shirt

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