The Pause aka Coronavirus 2020

I read somewhere in the middle of March when the United States kind of went upside down that this time at home was being called the Pause.

Mom and Dads were able to be at home with their kids. Family Dinners were happening again. Kids were home from school. And so much more.

At first with the stay-at-home order, I didn't completely understand it all. My hour break was shortened to 30 mins, but other than that I was still working at my full-time job. But then after about a week, I was furloughed. (Wow, what another story for another day).

The first week was nice like a vacation. The second week was when that statement "The Pause" came back to me. I didn't roll my eyes anymore at it. I sat and wondered about the phrase. This is where most people would say they researched it and here's the meaning, blah, blah. I'm not that person.

I just continued on with my happy life inside of the house. (Introvert here) and at times, when everything got too much, I just paused.

Maybe that is what this was supposed to be. Maybe we all needed to take a real pause on life and feel alive again at our jobs, in our families, in our relationships, in our world, etc. Maybe sometimes it really is okay to just pause.

And then when we are ready and the world is ready, then we can go back to chaos of life. 


Studio/Photography Update

Luckily, we were in the middle of a move/remodel at the studio, which is now located inside city limits of Springfield, Mo. So all clients have been rescheduled at this time.

Along with the move, there has some setbacks that caused the deadline of April 1st, to be pushed back. Between the virus and the house issues, we are hoping to have everything ready to go back to normal in a couple of weeks... **Cross your fingers*** I'm so ready to shoot.

As soon as we are able to photograph without having the issues of stay-at-home orders and the remodel, we will be taking clients as usual.

Coming soon.... info about Water Mini Sessions and a possible airbnb location in the Springfield area.

For session information and all the news that is our news, click here.

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