Social Distancing via Pictures |Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

In 2020, we all dreamed about leaving our houses and being around people. For photographers that sometimes can get even worse. There is a sense of depression mix with apathy about everything. I was furloughed for about 5 months. And for most of that time, I was remodeling my basement and dreaming of shoots. It was good and bad for me. Some days were easy and others not so much. 

This was the first shoot that really made me feel like the world was getting back to some resemblance of normalcy. Social distancing and masking were the main things everyone was talking about. There were no vaccines yet so everyone was worried. 

She knew about this field and said it would be perfect for a golden hour shoot. The yellow flowers were amazing. I couldn't wait. When we got there, sadly a lot of the flowers were gone. But we made it work!


She looks so much like a princess to me in these shots.


Everything was so new then. Two months into this chaos... I remember us talking about masks and how it would be kind of neat to include them. If for nothing else a memory... Now looking back, I wish we could go back to that laughing moments of sunshine and a field with no where to be... and some random masks. 

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