EveryBodies Workshop1 |Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

When I signed up for the Everybodies workshop in Dallas, TX in 2018, I knew I would be pushing my limits and being vulnerable. I knew I would be learning a ton and getting excited about building my business even more.
And here we are a few years later, but I still want to post some of this amazing workshop. It really kicked myself into gear about getting with doing boudoir more full time.. The workshop was way before the thing called C*vid existed and when the world was normal-ish. Sadly Teri Hofford is not doing these workshops anymore at the moment. 
On the first day, Kevin Lowery was talking about intimate portraiture for guys. He has an amazing photography business and does a side project called Skin like Dawn. Skin like Dawn is freaking amazing! As a photographer the lighting and shadows made my heart sing. As a married woman, it made me realize there are not enough portraits of my husband that show him off in an intimate light. And I would love images like that of him. Anyways I digress...
What I didn't realized that on that very first day was that I would do something out of my comfort zone. Photograph a guy in an intimate setting. The model was Mr. O, a photographer, but also someone that had to step out of his comfort zone to do the shoot and then do it at a WORKSHOP! (I have a great appreciate for anyone who stands in front of a workshop to be photographed especially boudoir!!!)
When I realized what was going to happen, I decided to approach it from a stand point of "What can I learn from this for boudoir for woman?" The studio has amazing light where we are hanging out at and well, I'm like 'why not?' so I decide to take some images for fun. It's not like they are ever going to see the light of day.
Watch me eat my words as I edited them. The lighting and the shadows make me want to share.

I still sit here in awe that this workshop happened and literally kicked my ass in gear. It made me uncomfortable and so much more. But in the end, it made me a way better photographer for it.  For those who are curious, I'm not your normal male boudoir photographer. I am more likely going to suggest you towards someone else in town that does them way better than me. But I don't mind shoot the occasional practice shoot and the occasional guy session during a couples shoot! 

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