She said Wow |Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

The new studio was finished, well mostly and I knew I had to find someone to help test it out. Basement studio when I'm used to natural light. A whole new set up including a chair and and a boho area. I was nervous about what I created. I was nervous if I had done enough to the studio to make it worth it. I was worried about the set up and the new lighting. I was just plainly nervous.

Ms D totally stepped up to the plate for this experience! And I am so grateful for her!!!

The day of the shoot, I was so nervous but within a few minutes I fell into my normal flow. The "fake windows" I made worked out perfectly. They worked exactly like I had planned, just like a normal lighting situation for me. I was so happy about how everything worked out!

Then the day of her reveal, she made my day and we chatted about other shoots and dreams. I cannot wait for our next shoot already..

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