Stripping Down Yourself | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

One of the hardest parts about being a photographer is stripping down yourself for everyone to know more about you. You may ask why? Well if you aren't someone who shares everything with everyone, it is hard to be open.

Yes, I could be a photographer that doesn't talk about themselves. But for boudoir, that would be the worst. I mean, stripping down to your lingerie and in some cases down to being nude in front of another person. If you didn't feel comfortable with the photographer, how would you be able to get amazing images that you love?!

I want you as a client, a friend, etc. to be as comfortable as possible with me during every step of this process. Cause sometimes, it won't be super comfortable. The poses will feel awkward or hard or the emotions will feel weird. But that's why I push myself now, during the times you aren't in front of my camera. I want to deliver the most real version of myself to you.

My class that I was taking had us take selfies and webcam shoots. It has been both hard and easy. You don't realize how much you hide until you are posting emotional images of yourself for all to see...My insecurities about my weight and how I look in images has hit me hard during all of the Stay-at-Home order and everything else going on.

But I realized that part of this journey is sharing it with all of you. I need to start accepting my body everyday. And I am doing it by writing this post. And then next step is sharing it for all of you to read.


I am learning to accept my body step by step. Let me help you in this journey. Contact me when you are ready to set up a Coffee Chat!

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