Jennifer | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

One of my favorite boudoir educational groups is Boudoir Exposed. It has been amazing during this journey to become a better boudoir photographer. Brian and Jennifer from Sheer Photography, who run it, make the group fun and enjoyable and super helpful. They have the type of group that you don't feel stupid for asking that one question. You know that one that you second guess asking in the first place or just feel stupid about.

So it didn't surprise me when I was wondering through one day this spring and Jennifer was doing a live virtual shoot! So I had to jump on it and participate... I was so excited. It was so awesome..

The LIVE shoots do leave a little to do such as move this, or can you close your eyes. You are literally a slave to the pose of the time as well as the angle, the lighting etc. Jennifer and Brian luckily are amazing at posing and helping us get the best shots. I can't believe it's only been a year since I stumbled onto their group. They have been one of best groups, like literally I can't rave about them enough! The other week they are actually talking about Instagram and connecting photographers with all the live shoots going on. I'm so privileged to be apart of a supportive community like this. I feel like I belong!

Then I pop in the next day and there is Brian and Jennifer rocking out their group. And they start doing another LIVE shoot!!! I couldn't believe my luck.
Brian even climbed up on a ladder for us to get an amazing shot!

Jennifer is definitely on my list to photograph in person someday if I ever get that lucky. If not, I'd be okay with being photographed by Sheer Photography. Their stuff is awesome!  So here is some more of Jennifer's amazing session take 2!

Interested in a Webcam session or a in Studio Boudoir shoot, let me know and we can get the conversation started!

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