That’s So 70s |Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

One of the places that I tend to grab a lot of ideas from Pinterest. Sometimes its just an image that gets stuck in my head that I can't get out or a quote that screams at me and refuses to go away. The simple fact is i saw an idea in my head and I really couldn't get it out of my head. Looking through Pinterest I tried to find more of what I was obsessing about but no luck. So I gathered a few images of records, velvet and amazingness... and grabbed one of my friends.
Since I didn't really have an image to give her I told her what my vision I was seeing. From the records, to the velvet and colors. I could see it in my head. We chatted about it a little and then she sends me outfits ideas!  Oh the ideas! So many ideas that made me know this vision was coming to life!! 
So we made a date and started gathering things... Then I got Covid... so every plan got scrapped until I was feeling better.
After all of the hiccups, it came together. There were still some hiccups but we had enough to make the entire look work!  It was like a dream shoot! Even the presets I have been loving made the images pop!

After getting some amazing shots, I decided that we should at least get a few images in the bedroom. We pull the look into our bedroom set to get some amazing images of that velvet next to the white sheets! They turned out to be some of my favorites.



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