Editorial: Inspiration Wedding | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photography

A few years ago, I second shot at a wedding. (2020 really messed up my timeline of life) While I was at the wedding, I saw this amazing lady as a best man in a suit. It was my first wedding where the woman as the best man was not wearing a dress. It made my feminist heart happy and then my photographer brain jump to shoot the concept!
Here is best examples I can find now for this idea. All example images from Pinterest as I'm writing this blog.
I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head, so I put out a model call for that look! Ms Alyssa was one of the ones who contacted me for the shoot. I had a location, outfit, model and away we went!
The goal was to try a few different locations while we were downtown to see what gave the best feel for the shoot. One in particular we had used at the wedding where my inspiration came from so I had to use it. We ended up staying that location most of the shoot. Then wondered around downtown a little to see what we could find.There were so many from that day that made me so happy!
It was a stretch for me since I really have a tendency to avoid downtown shoots due to feeling a little lost in how to shoot them. They are fun but different than what I am usually doing now. Plus Boudoir and downtown doesn't exactly go together.
Even though it has been a bit since this shoot, I had to share them here! Ps I thought I had already!!!  So enjoy these amazing shots!

This location was so amazing for this shoot!!! I couldn't narrow down what photos to share.

Our last locations were a pure enjoyment. I got the images I had been dreaming about, but we were having so much fun so we continued. And I am so glad we did! These last few images were just the best!

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