Inspire Me | Springfield Boudoir Photographer

Inspire me.

Push me.

I demand those two things of most of my shoots when they are for creative purposes. Sometimes I have a specific vision that I want to create. Other times, I want to be inspired by the outfits and the personality of the client/model in question. On this particular day, I was feeling blocked. I didn't know what I wanted to shoot and didn't know how to push through. I was doubting myself, which on occasion happens, but I usually push through with a creative session or a social media break.

So when Alexa showed up at my studio with her suitcase of clothing to chose from, it was exactly what I needed that day. Choices that inspired me. For some reason the jeans and the red bra jumped out at me! When she asked me what else, we grabbed some extra things and started shooting.

It was amazing what happened next we just played and played until we got some pretty epic shots!

Most of the time with a creative shoot, I will use all my areas to make sure that I push through whatever block is in all of the rooms. This day, we didn't leave my blue room! I hadn't been shooting it very much and decided that what she was wearing was going to pop really well. So we stayed!
It was definitely the shoot I needed at the time and I am so glad that we were able to do it, before we moved away from that house and it's blue walls. Maybe I will do a blue wall again someday!

What are you waiting for? Sessions are available and outfits can be whatever.  Just message me for more details.

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