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Winter Blues | Springfield Missouri Boudoir

Does anyone else have the Winter Blues right now?
It's hard to believe it is March right now.

I walked the dog and I needed my heavy coat, gloves and ear muffs. It was so cold in the wind when I'm writing this post.

I feel almost as if I am Winter right now.

I feel very much stuck in what is happening. My body feels frozen to what it wants to do. It wants to snuggle into a blanket and forget the world. It's hard when the weather does what you want to do too. It's hard to be motivated right now. It's COLD! Contrary to popular belief, I do love winter. I'm just ready for sun and spring!

I know, I know. Wait, a few days and it will be Summer or Spring. Well, I am not going to lie. I am ready for warmer months and cool refreshing streams and hiking!

Winter will be over before we know it. And we will all emerge from our slumber ready for movement and energy!.

Thanks for listening to be ramble and rant!


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