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Where some have New Years Resolutions, I decided awhile back that it would be a word for the year. Something simple that made my heart feel alive when I heard it and made me want to move forward.

In 2021, that word was Intention/Intentional. Meaning:a thing intended; an aim or plan or done on purpose; deliberate.

Done on purpose. Deliberate. It was the year that I wanted to choose what I chose on purpose. I wanted to grow personally on purpose. I wanted to group in my business on purpose. It felt like a perfect word for me.

Mind you in 2021... I was still recouping from having C*vid and was very not motivated for most of the year... But in May, I said I am not following my word for the year. And so I decided to change that.

The first thing I did was go to Pinterest and research. It started with a board 2021 Intentions (It's still secret) and quotes about intentions and then it changed. It changed to successful habits, morning routines, happier and unstuck out of your life. (see the images below).

But then it changed... The word PODCASTs kept jumping out at me. 

Podcasts... I had listened to a few when I was recommended them and I liked them occasionally. But I'm not a talking all the time person so I didn't really listen to them much. 

But that May in 2021, everything changed. After seeing the word repeatedly, I made a goal and started creating a revolving Playlist on Spotify. 2021 Intention.  I put recommendations of Podcasts that I was seeing and intermixed it with music that inspired me or just got me in the mood to listen to someone talking. And then I choose three days a week to just listen. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays... I listen on the way to work and from work and any other time on those days. 

I have learned so many things but I feel at some times like this list will never go away. It is always revolving so when I finish a podcast and songs, I move it to Finished 2022 or Finished whatever year it is. And continually add more and more podcasts.  I think in the end I needed this. I started it on purpose but the habit continues even into this year. 

Those are some of the ones I finished in 2021... Honeydew Me I found because they were interviewing on of my favorite photographers, Hannah Rachel Photography!  Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen I found by one of my classes in 2020! She Thrives Radio I found on a suggest from a Pinterest post and man, I love listening to her!

I'll probably do an up-date at the end of this year too. It's fast becoming a fun habit to see what ones I find and which are good.

Have any recommendations for me? Send me a message or comment! I'd love to hear them. 

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