Skin | Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photogapher

Skin. Every time I look at this session. I am in love. It was the first session in a long time that made me sit up and take note of how much I was improving. We had gotten together because it had been too long. Ms C is super amazing and is always up for whatever crazy idea I have. This one evolved out of the desire of pearls after doing some images for a Valentine's day promo. 

I was finishing editing the set and I saw a magazine calling for images for their magazine featuring women with tattoos. I  instantly thought Ms C would be perfect for that issue. And so I decided to submitt some images from this set. I really just dropped the one with a ponytail. A few days later, they reached out and asked for more images from the set. I wish. I had sent in more variety but I'm still happy with what was accepted! They apparently loved the image so much that they turned my favorite image into the BACK COVER!!!! My first!!! I couldn't believe it! I'm so proud of it and of the whole session.

Between the rug and her skin, the images were so amazing!


If you want to know what made the back cover, they are below.
left Back Cover
middle Back Inside
right Inside next to my bio. 

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