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I’d Have to Shave My Legs for That | Springfield Boudoir Photographer


When I started the Boudoir by Paula Facebook page about a year or so ago, I wanted to help women see how beautiful they truly are. So I started doing some giveaways. Ms J was one of those winners. I remember talking about boudoir and her saying I’d have to shave my legs, but I guess. Her Pinterest board made me laugh and get inspired for her shoot! (Are you following me on Pinterest? Click here) Her loving, kind, giving personality, I wanted to show her how amazing she was and is. I’ll stop chatting and let her tell you in her own words.

boudoir springfield missouri red lips


When Paula suggested boudoir photos, I snorted out loud, and I believe my comment was, “That’s a hard pass. I’d have to shave my legs for that.” Paula persisted, and I told her I’d do it, but after I lost some weight. Prednisone has put weight on my body that I’m not comfortable with, and I keep telling myself that I’m going to work on taking that weight off…tomorrow. Paula reminded me that I’m beautiful, just as I am, and encouraged me to think about doing the photos sooner rather than later.

She planted a seed in my Virgo brain, and the more I thought about it, I thought, “What would I tell another woman?” So, I bit the bullet, and decided to schedule a shoot in time to have photos to give my husband for Valentine’s Day. You see, I went into this, justifying it as a gift for my spouse.


boudoir springfield missouri red lips

After having a two hour hair and make-up session that made me feel absolutely spectacular (thanks Meraki Salon!), my nerves had calmed a bit by the time I got to Paula’s. They ramped back up considerably as I was changing from my full coverage daily wear into the bra and panty set that showed every dimple, stretch mark, and extra pound. Once again, Paula put me at ease.

After the first few shots, she took the time to show me the pictures she’d taken, and to my delight, they were amazing! I looked like myself, but in flattering angles and lighting. I felt sexy. By the time I left, and my street clothes were back on, that feeling of empowerment was still with me.

As I thought about it on my way home, I realized that these photos really were more for me than for my husband. I needed to be reminded that I’m beautiful inside and out, and that by limiting myself because of self-doubt was actually hurting me in more ways that I realized.

I’ve carried that newfound sense of self into my daily world, and others have noticed. I’ve been asked if I have a new haircut, or done something different, because I’m “glowing.” I tell them that I’ve learned to love myself, squishy bits and all.

boudoir springfield missouri red lips

boudoir springfield missouri red lips boudoir springfield missouri red lips boudoir springfield missouri red lips


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