A Name | Springfield Boudoir Photographer

A name for this business has been one of the hardest things to do. There are so many neat names that some days I sit and wonder if there is a better one. But for boudoir, there isn’t.
Boudoir is such an uniquely personal experience that I knew I wanted to make the name as personal as possible. I didn’t want you as clients to wonder who will be my photographer… or with a name like Peaces Photography, who does the photographing? (That is me btw. It’s my non Boudoir stuff)
I wanted a name that said both what I do and who I am in one place. I want my clients (that’s you btw) to get to know me on a personal/a friend level. Being in your undies is nerve wracking even for me. But being in your undies in front of someone you don’t know can be more nerve wracking.
So with this name change from Flirtatious by Peaces to Boudoir by Paula, I invite you to get to know me through the blogs on this website and on any of my social media’s. Instagram stories is where you will see a lot of my everyday life and boudoir behind the scenes.
Follow me, message me, have hot chocolate with me.  Get to know me, and my style of boudoir,  I promise you if we jive then we will have a blast at your shoot!

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