Everybodies Workshop2 |Springfield Missouri Boudoir Photographer

Everybodies Workshop was such an amazing experience. I knew even as it happened in 2018 that I needed to blog the whole experience... Three days that shocked and unnerved me in a good way.
The second day of the workshop was even better than the first. The morning was a lot of talk about being really inclusive. Especially since all of us come with our own bias whether we realize it or not. I like to consider myself a pretty open person but there is still much that makes me uncomfortable. Whether learning the right pronouns or the right way to address someone. I am always too nervous about offending anyone and probably in the end I do because I don't know the right terms to use. So in your session, bare with me I'm still learning. I'm still learning to call myself fat not as a rude term but just as a neutral term as Teri Hofford says.

Our first model was Toni, a photographer that was actually speaking for part of the workshop. She was such a blast to learn from and to start posing with. If I remember right she was a photographer in the Dallas area too. 

Our second model was JC... She was absolutely gorgeous! I think she was actually the daughter of Catherine who's studio we were using.


All of their images were phenomenal! To be honest, I'd have more images... but apparently in 2018, I was still learning the correct way to save and organize all of my images. So right now at the moment, I'm having some trouble finding the original files... All I found were these that had a logo on that I was able to give to the awesome models for their time and fierceness.

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