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Ramblings of a Boudoir Photographer.

I sit here on a Tuesday evening. My alarm set, trying to motivate me to shut off electronics ...went off about 10 mins ago. And yet here I type. I have been trying to be better. Not really a goal just a direction. A direction that let's me relax and be myself more. To have more confidence, to feel comfortable in my own body, etc.

It's not something that I know will happen overnight. Though most of the time I wish it would. Something as simple as to go to bed and wake up, refreshed and ready -- with none of the hard work. How many times have we wished that very thing? 

The weight would fall off overnight. The weight would come on overnight. The outfit would fit perfect in the morning. The closet would be more fun in the morning. That disgusting food will taste better in the morning. Those chips, cookies, ice cream etc will not taste as good in the morning.

We dream of an easy fix.


We make all of the excuse under the sun and then expect everything to be better in the morning. 

But it's not going to be. 

It's not going to change unless we do something. 

Something that we might be scared of doing. 

But what we forget is ... You literally are amazing right now.

You don't have to wait for an overnight fix or some dream number. 

You just have to be ready for a new experience. 

You are worthy of a shoot where you are, right now, in this moment, even sitting at home in your workout gear that you haven't worked out in yet.

You are worthy.


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